A Game Changing Labor Management System for Long-Term/Post Acute Care Facilities.

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As previous owners of skilled nursing facilities, we set out to solve our biggest problem - managing labor. We desperately needed our nursing schedules to be organized while holding to a strict budget. We knew we had to do something different, that we had to innovate. COVR is a complete, budget based, labor management system for healthcare facilities. COVR manages everyone's schedule all while keeping you "spot on" your labor budget.

A True Mobile-to-Mobile Experience

Management and employees can do everything they need to do to help your facility “smartly” staff right on the phone.

Ditch the Paper Schedules. Finally an App for your Employees.

Everything an employee needs to know about his or her schedule is right there on their phone.

Built for Today's Workforce

We built a fast moving app for fast moving lives. Employees can enjoy the flexibility of managing their own schedules to meet their lifestyle.

Text Your Crew.

Text any and all employees with our phone directory, you can even filter your texts by which employees will or will not create overtime

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Squash Overtime.

See Overtime before it happens so you can proactively do something about it.

Know if You are Over or Under Budget.

With our PPD tools, you will always know where and when you are overstaffed or understaffed and then, in the palm of your hand, you can immediately do something about it.

Publish and Broadcast your Open Shifts to Everyone.

In one quick move, notify all your employees about available shifts so they can pick them up with a simple click on their phones.

Let Employees Trade Without Creating Overtime.

Let employees trade shifts as they need; we will watch for overtime and schedule conflicts for you.

Get Meaningful Reports. Right on Your Phone.

COVR generates reports about everything that is happening labor wise in your building. Reports that took hours to create before, are now just a tap or click away.

Reward Your Best Employees

Use our star and point-based tracking system to reward your employees for doing things like taking difficult-to-fill shifts.

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